biOrb Aquarium Multi Cleaning Brush Tool Pink or Blue
Fantastic for cleaning your biOrb aquarium, the biOrb Multi Cleaning Tool has a flexible cleaning blade to remove dirt and algae from the inside of your aquarium. The silicone brush is specially designed for cleaning decor making it ideal for use...
  • Pink
  • Blue
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Betta Aquarium Floating Magnetic Algae Cleaner S/M/L
Removes algae from the aquarium side. Suitable for glass aquariums. Betta Floating Magnet Small - 5mm thickness Betta Floating Magnet Medium - 10mm thickness Betta Floating Magnet Large - 16mm thickness
from £7.99
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biOrb Aquarium Bubble Tube Cleaner
The biOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner allows cleaning of both the inside and outside of the Bubble Tube without the need to remove the air column.Suitable for all biOrb aquariums the Bubble Tube Cleaner allows easy, hassle free cleaning without getting wet...
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biOrb Aquarium Cleaner Pump
The cleaner pump works like a siphon but has a squeeze hand pump to get the water flowing and is really easy to use. Simply hold one end of the cleaner pump in the biOrb and direct it towards the...
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Dennerle Aquarium Care Set Aquascaping Starter Kit
The Aquarium Care Set by Dennerle is indispensable for every aquarist. It contains the most important tools you need to care for glass and plants. The net features a high-quality telescopic rod that allows you to catch fish etc with less stress....
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Betta Aquarium Water Siphon
Betta Aquarium Water Siphon Betta Siphon is ideal for siphoning water from small aquariums Quick and simple to use
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biOrb Aquarium Cleaner Pads
biOrb Cleaner Pads have been made from a material which won't scratch the acrylic. They have a soft side for gentle cleaning and a rough side for tougher algae deposits. X3 Cleaner Pads
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Betta Aquarium Gravel Cleaner S/M/L
  The efficient solution for removing fish waste and other materials from aquarium gravel is the Betta Aquarium Gravel Cleaner in Small, Medium, or Large.
from £4.99
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Fluval Razor + Aquarium Algae Magnet Small or Medium
The handy 2-in-1 Fluval Algae Magnet combines a non-abrasive cleaning pad with a detachable scratch-free algae scraper. The unit's extra length allows you to clean large areas of glass at one time, while the angled blade can squeeze into even...
from £20.49
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Aquaforest Easy Gloss Aquarium Glass Cleaning Spray 200ml
Aquaforest AF Easy Gloss is an effective agent that allows for easy cleaning of both freshwater and marine aquariums. The treatment is ideal for dealing with stubborn and persistent marks and dirt that can appear on the glass surface of...
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Tropica Plant Tweezers 25cm
A good pair of aquascaping tweezers can make planting in your aquarium much easier. These long straight tweezers are perfect for planting all types of aquarium plants. The end is fine a slender allowing for more precise planting.These exceptional quality...
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Tropica Aquascaping Spring Scissors 15cm
High quality brushed stainless steel. Also ideal for smaller aquariums How to use the product The plants should be trimmed regularly, in order to achieve the desired result with for instance a dense bottom carpet or beautiful bushy stem plants.
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Tropica Aquascaping Scissors 25cm
Aquascaping wave scissors 250mm are designed for easier trimming of foreground and carpeting plants. Particularly good for trimming plants such as Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Echinodorus Tenellus, Glossostigma and Hairgrass, where the carpet can be trimmed very harshly and close to the...
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Fluval Straight Forceps / Tweezers - 10.6" / 26cm
Fluval Straight Forceps make delicate pruning & planting small thin plants easier & simpler. The stainless steel carbonised coating ensures a non rustable long lasting tool. Highlighted features Rubber coated tips allow for a firm grip. Long lasting stainless steel with...
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Fluval "S" Curved Scissors - 9.8" / 25cm
Fluval "S" Curved Scissors are designed to make pruning of smaller foreground plants easier & simpler. The durable stainless steel carbonised coating with ergonomic design ensures a comfortable yet non rustable & long lasting tool.  Highlighted features. Ergonomic, long-neck design...
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Fluval Plant Substrate Shovel, 12.6″ / 32 cm
The Fluval Aquascaping Substrate Shovel makes it easy to detail and level all types of substrate. The double sided design allows for for precise aquascaping. The long lasting stainless steel shovel has a durable carbonised coating which prevents the product from rusting...
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TMC Aquarium Easy Water Change Kit
The pump of the Easy Water Change Kit can fit through the neck of commonly used water barrels, allowing you to pump clean water to the aquarium using the hosing and clip included. No more lifting of heavy water barrels!...
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Marina Aquarium Glass Cleaner Kit
The Marina Aquarium Glass Cleaning Kit contains essential tools that enable you to clean the inside of your tank glass without getting your hands wet. It has a sponge for cleaning algae and debris, a razor blade attachment for removing...
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Marina Aquarium Algae Scrub Sponge - Medium
Marina Medium Algae Scrubber is suitable for small glass and acrylic aquariums. It has a reinforced plastic handle that makes removing algae and other deposits from your tank an easy job. It also features a unique angled cleaning head that...
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biOrb Aquarium High-Gloss Polish & Cloth 100ml
Used to polish and protect your biOrb aquarium. Anti-static, repels dust & resists fingerprints. High Gloss Polish Resists fingerprints Effective at Repelling dust Non Toxic liquid solution Soft micro fibre cloth will not scratch or mark your aquarium. Designed for...
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biOrb Aquarium Scratch Remover Polish & Pads
Polish works into the acrylic to help remove and minimise the appearance of scratches and dullness. Suitable for all biOrb. Works on inside and outside of the aquarium. If used on the inside, rinse thoroughly before adding fish. Scratch Remover...
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Juwel Aquarium Aqua Clean Gravel & Filter Cleaner
The Juwel Aqua Clean comes with three extendable pipes allowing several adjustable cleaning depths of 30cm/12", 40cm/16" and 60cm/24" this could particularly benefit those who have several tanks of different sizes. This Cleaner features two clips, one for the aquarium...
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Fluval Aquarium Gravel Vac Small/M or Medium/L
The Fluval Gravel Vac allows you to take total control of the aquarium cleaning process, by helping to effectively traps dirt and debris. These comes with an Easy Start function siphon for quick priming - it starts with just a...
from £18.99
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Fluval Razor + Aquarium Algae Magnet Replacement Small or Medium
Fluval Razor+ Algae Magnet replacement Blade 3 Pack Small Fluval Razor+ Algae Magnet replacement Blade 3 Pack Medium Item Weight 762 g Product Dimensions 3.2 x 11.8 x 16.9 cm Item model number 11085 Size Small Quantity 1 Batteries Required...
from £3.99
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