Juwel SmartFeed Automatic Feeder
The SmartFeed automatic feeder is the premium automatic feeder for every Juwel aquarium. It is suitable for both granulate and flake feed thanks to exchangeable conveyor screws. The opening in the aquarium cover means that the SmartFeed is easy to...
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TMC Natural Seaweed Aquarium Food Clip
TMC Natural Seaweed Aquarium Food Clip gives your fish the freedom to freely graze whilst getting all the nutritional requirements that they need for healthy growth & development. TMC Dry Seaweed Food Clip from TMC can also be used for...
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biOrb Aquarium Water Level Guide & Feed Hole Plug
The biOrb water level guide helps to indicate what level the water should be in your biOrb Aquarium. It also prevents water from splashing out from the feed hole. Can be dried and used to measure out food to help...
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Juwel Aquarium EasyFeed Automatic Feeder
The Juwel EasyFeed automatic feeder is the perfect addition to your aquarium. Every Juwel aquarium is already equipped for the easy assembly of this automatic feeder, making it ready for use immediately. The Juwel automatic feeder can be used in...
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