Fish Scrapes

If your fish are behaving out of the ordinary, it is important understand the reasons, as the fish may have health issues. The first thing to do is test your water, which we are happy to undertake for you free of charge. If all parameters are within acceptable levels, a fish scrape may well be required.

Carefully net and bag the fish displaying strange behaviours such as:

  • Regular flashing
  • Appetite loss
  • Isolation from other fish
  • Fungus, bumps, sores or Ulcers
  • Lying motionless on bottom of the pond 

Bring it down to Complete Koi & Aquatics, where we will take a visual inspection of the fish, combined with a gentle microscope scrape in order to understand the cause of the illness. Fish parasites can be either macroscopic (visible to the naked eye) or microscopic, so it is important we explore all avenues and advise accordingly.

 For best results, fish examination/scrapes should be completed within 30-60 minutes of collecting the fish as the parasite can leave the host.