Oase Pond FoamFix Black 700ml
The Oase Pond FoamFix in Black 700ml is an absolute must for every garden designer. The fixer expands uniformly and dries quickly. With the Oase Pond FoamFix you can easily seal cavities or fix stones in place in the water....
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Corrugated Black Pond Flexi Hose (Per meter)
Our corrugated black pond flexi hose is ideal for all purposes in pond construction. By nature the corrugated hose is anti-kink and can be easily connected to hose tails with wire clips.  This allows you to connect to filters, pumps,...
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NT Labs Pondlab 200 Multi Test Kit
Pondlab Multi-Test kit comprises up to 200 tests combined of the 6 key parameters to test in your pond: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH and KH. All the tests are liquid drop tests from a dropper bottle to ensure the...
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Evolution Aqua 500 ml Solvent Weld Adhesive
This one-step PVC-U pressure pipe solvent cement, provides solid joints and seals in your pipe work. All pipes and fittings should be clean and dry before the adhesive is applied. 500ml tin.
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NT Labs Hardness GH KH Test
What is KH?KH, also known as “total alkalinity” or “carbonate hardness”, is a measure of the buffering capacity of the water in your pond. The buffering capacity refers to how well it can resist changes in pH. How to use?...
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Spindrifter Aerated Pond Bottom Drain 4"
The Spindrifter aerated bottom drain is known worldwide for its quality and design. This Spindrifter aerated 4 inch bottom drain completely replaces the 'Standard Bottom Drain' and provides much needed dissolved oxygen to ponds. The most noticeable feature of the...
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AquaForte Garden Sniper Pond Protection
AquaForte Garden Sniper is a effective protection against various animals in and around your garden pond. The Garden Sniper has a motion sensor that activates a water jet and this is enough to frighten herons, cats and other larger animals...
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NT Labs Ammonia Test
Ammonia is the main waste product produced by fish as a result of feeding. It can also be generated by the decay of uneaten food or decaying organic matter, such as plant leaves. It is invisible to the naked eye...
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NT Labs Broad pH Test
What is pH?The new Broad Range pH Test is for testing water within the pH range of 6 – 9. This pH test now covers the pH range more likely observed in your pond and also offers improved precision with...
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Kockney Koi Yamitsu Wire Clips (5 Sizes)
Kockney Koi Yamitsu produce a superb range of wire hose clips suitable for various spiral (corrugated) flexi hose sizes: Green - 3/4" Yellow - 1" Orange - 1 1/4" Red - 1 1/2" Black - 1 3/4"    These clips...
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Kockney Koi Pond Cover Net 6m x 4m
Presented in reusable zip lock storage bag our Kockney Koi Pond Cover Nets will give protection from predators, stops leaves falling into the pond & helps to stop your fish from jumping out.They each come with flat-headed pegs, which mean...
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