Betta Aquarium Ceramic Fallen Tree
This Betta Aquarium Ceramic Fallen Tree measures approximately 14cm x 4cm x 5cm.
Aqua One Cave Hide & Suction Cup Aquarium Ornament
Medium Cave Hide With Suction Cup In Grey From Aqua One 6 x 6 x 6cm These make excellent hides for bettas and allow them to rest, hide and build up their energy naturally. With the suction on the cup...
biOrb Decorative Aquarium Pebbles (Light Moss)
biOrb pebbles are a great way to finish off the look of your biOrb tank. Add colour with an exciting range of marble or textured pebbles which can lay over the floor of your aquarium without obstructing the flow of...
Betta Aquarium 8" Red Flame Silk Plant With Sand Base
This 8" Red Flame Silk Plant is an ideal choice for aesthetically enhancing your Betta aquarium while providing an ideal habitat for aquatic life.
Betta Aquarium 8" Purple Silk Plant With Sand Base
This 8" purple silk plant provides a naturalistic simulation of aquatic flora, and is situated in a sand base to enhance the realism.
H.E.L.P. Advanced Plant Aquarium Soil 3L, 8L
H.E.L.P. Advanced Plant Aquarium Soil 3L, 8L H.E.L.P. Advanced Plant Aquarium Soil is a professional substrate for plant aquariums, including the trendy natural aquariums. It is composed of black granules that are 1 to 4mm in diameter. The substrate includes natural...
from £18.99
Tropica Aquarium Soil 9L
How to use the product Aquarium Soil ensures good and active growth from the beginning, and boosts the red plant shades. It is a complete substrate, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer. Aquarium Soil is...
Aqua One Magnetic Glass Plane Aquarium Ornament
Aqua One Magnetic Glass Wrecked Bomber Plane Aquarium Ornament Measures : 24 x 12 x 7cm Can be placed against the aquarium wall, creating the illusion of the ornament travelling through your aquarium and immediately enhances the appearance of any...
Hugo Aquarium Stone Fence 28.8X8.2X6CM
These Hugo Aquarium Stone Fences measure 28.8 centimetres in length, 8.2 centimetres in depth, and 6 centimetres in height.
biOrb Aquatic Sea Lily Decoration Blue, White, Orange, Brown
The biOrb Sea Lily is suitable for all biOrb aquariums and replicates the profile of the real-live seabed species itself. Distinguishable for its eye catching beauty, biOrbs Sea Lily is a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists, used for their dramatic...
Betta Aquarium Grey No Fishing Sign Ornament
This 8cm x 4 x 2cm No Fishing Sign Ornament is the perfect addition to any aquarium.
Aqua One Aquarium Plant Green Hair Grass 4pk
Aqua One presents a 4-pack of ecoscape green hair grass, a great choice for aquatic foreground decoration.
Juwel Aquarium Cliff Light/Dark Background, Filter Covers & Terrace
The Juwel Cliff Light/Dark colour background, filter cover & terrace is a realistic image of a rock structure in brown tones. The distinctive 3-D structure gives your aquarium a fascinating illusion of depth at a very low installation depth of...
from £39.99
  • Light
  • Dark
Betta Choice Aquarium Plastic 30cm Green Plant
This top-notch decorative plastic plant is sure to add beauty to your home aquarium, thanks to its stable weight-bearing base.
Betta Aquarium Medium Creeping Tree Ornament
Measuring 33.5cm x 16cm x 27.5cm, the Betta Medium Creeping Tree adds a unique touch of greenery to any aquarium.
Katachi Blue Coral Starfish Aquarium Ornament
This Katachi Blue Coral Starfish Aquarium Ornament adds the perfect touch of colour for your home aquarium. It has a realistic look and is a unique piece. A delicate blue Katachi starfish would make  an eye-catching addition to any underwater environment.
Mr Bronty Dinosaur Aquarium Decoration Ornament
Add a prehistoric touch to your aquarium with Mr Bronty Dinosaur Aquarium Decoration Ornament! An eye-catching brontosaurus  ornament, this piece is sure to set your tank apart. Constructed from durable resin material, it offers a long-lasting, water-resistant solution.   Dimensions: 7x3x5cm
Classic Tunnel Pipe Structure Aquarium Ornament
This Classic Tunnel Pipe Structure Aquarium Ornament provides a colourful and interesting addition to any freshwater aquarium. Perfect for shrimp and catfish, this natural-looking aquarium ornament is sure to be a hit. Durable and designed with detail, it also adds...
Betta Ceramic Tubes Aquarium Ornament With Moss
The Betta Choice Ceramic Bamboo ornament are 3 large tubes attached together which are covered in artificial moss. This piece of decor is great for small fish, Pleco's and shrimp to swim through, hide or breed in. Approximate dimensions 8cm...
Hugo Unicorn Assorted Aquarium Ornament
6cm Sitting Unicorn In A Combination Of Assorted Colours
Aqua One Small Pink Castle Aquarium Ornament
  This 8 x 7.5 x 13.5cm Aqua One Small Ruined Castle Aquarium Ornament is presented in a beautiful pink colour.  
biOrb Seapearls & Kelp Aquarium Plant Small or Medium
The biOrb Seapearls & Kelp Plant pack features two contrasting natural looking alternatives to traditional plastic plants. These fascinating replica aquatic plants are a great way to enrich your aquarium and create your very own underwater world. Although designed for...
from £7.49
biOrb Shipwreck Aquarium Sculpture
The biOrb designer Samuel Baker consistently creates new and inspiring miniature wonders that virtually look like the originals from the sea. Sam Baker designs each of his ornaments by hand. biOrb, in turn always uses direct impressions of his designs...
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