Kikusui Koi For Sale

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Kikusui are described as scaleless Hariwake. Scaleless skin (known as Doitsu) is traditionally derived from cross-breeding Koi with similarly scaleless German mirror carp. However, in the case of Kikisui this was achieved by cross-breeding Hariwake with Shusui (which are similarly scaleless) to create a new lineage. It is worth mentioning at this point that Shusui were originally created by crossing Asagi with German Mirror Carp so the genetics of German Mirror Carp will exist in Kikusui.

Kikusui should be scaleless/doitsu Koi with a metallic, platinum White background or base skin colour. When a Koi Carp is described as metallic, the easiest way of defining this is by looking at the fins which will be opaque (i.e., not transparent). The skin of a metallic fish may also look reflective under certain light – not to be confused with Gin Rin. This is then overlaid with beautiful Orange/Red patterning, similar to that of a Kohaku. The pattern should extend down the back of the Koi and should resemble artistic paintbrush strokes with solid edges. The Orange/Red colouration should not extend on to the fins of the fish. 

Kikusui translates from Japanese as ‘Chrysanthemum in water’. This, of course, relates to the beautiful colours of Orange/Red Chrysanthemum flower which is likened to the colour patterning witnesses on Kikusui.

Kikusui look extremely clean and beautiful thanks to their snow-white skin and overlaid Orange/Red patterning. As a result, Kikusui make a fantastic addition to a Koi pond.