Shusui Koi For Sale

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Shusui literally translates as ‘Autumn Water’ referring to the striking colours featured in this beautiful variety of Koi Carp.

Shusui were created in 1910 by cross-breeding Asagi with scaleless (doitsu) German Mirror Carp. The result is a fish that features the same colours as Asagi - Blue skin above the lateral line and along the back, with Orange/Red (also known as Hi) belly and gill plates. However, in the case of Shusui, there is a single row of large Blue-Black scales extending the full length of the back. The face of Shusui should not feature any pigment and therefore should be largely Cream/White.

The colouration of Shusui is often symmetrical and creates a great contrast between the rich Orange/Red and Blue. Blue is an extremely unusual colour in Koi Carp making Shusui incredibly unique. The Orange featured on the side of Shusui will often extend on to the knuckles of the pectoral fins. 

Shusui are a firm favourite at Complete Koi & Aquatics, and we believe they look great in just about any pond!