Fluval Quick Clear Pad for 106/07 206/07 or 306/7 & 406/07
Mechanical filter media Ideal for use when cloudy water occurs or immediately following tank maintenance For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums Fluval 106/07 and 206/07 canister filters. These thick, ultra-fine polyester water polishing pads effectively trap micro particles and...
from £6.89
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Fluval Biofoam (106/07) (206/07 306/07) (406/07) (FX4,5,6)
Fluval Bio-Foam captures large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration. Mechanical filter media Custom fit to prevent debris bypass Ideal pore size allows efficient water flow and longer media lifespan Enhances the biological filtration process Designed specifically for the...
from £7.79
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Juwel Bio Pad S,M,L
Juwel Bio pad is used to catch coarse particles of dirt in the water. As a mechanical pre-filter, it protects the filter from rapid soiling and means that you don't have to clean the other filter media as often. Juwel...
from £2.39
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Juwel Bio Carb S,M,L
Juwel Carbon Sponges absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds in your aquarium, leaving the water crystal clear. The fact that active charcoal in the form of a sponge is used guarantees even flow conditions for the...
from £4.49
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Fluval External Filter 107, 207, 307, 407
Product Guarantee Aquarium Size Flow Rate Vertical Pre-filter Basket Volume Total Chamber Volume Canister Volume Max Water Column Height Wattage (120V/60 Hz) Wattage (230-240V/50Hz) Filter Dimensions 107 3 Years Limited 40-130ltrs 550lph 514cm2 1.2ltrs 2.0ltrs 3.9ltrs 1.45m 10w 10w L:19 x W:18...
from £89.95
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Fluval U1,2,3,4 Bio-Foam
Mechanical filter media Fits perfectly inside the filter chamber to prevent debris from escaping Ideal pore size allows efficient water flow, less clogging and long-lasting filtration Suitable for freshwater, saltwater or reptile environments Fluval U1 filter, the U1 Bio-Foam Pad...
from £3.00
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Fluval 2 in 1 Polycarb Cartridge U2,3,4 (2pack)
Chemical filter media Polyester side filters out fine debris and contaminants Carbon side filters out harmful liquid substances, colorants and odors Suitable for freshwater, saltwater or reptile environments Convenient 2-pack format Fluval U2 filter, the U2 Poly-Carb Cartridge has two...
from £6.89
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Juwel Nitrax Medium
Juwel Nitrax reduces nitrate levels in your aquarium, leading to a considerable reduction in algae growth. Nitrax is a biological filter on the containing specialist microorganisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of...
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Juwel Bio Plus Medium Sponge Fine or Coarse
The Juwel fine or Coarse filter sponge is primarily used for the biological filtering of your aquarium, making it an essential component of the Juwel filter system. The fine pore structure gives a very large surface area, guaranteeing slow and...
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biOrb Aquarium Air pump 50Hz
biOrb Aquarium Air Pump is a low voltage, safe air pump provides the bubble supply that powers the filter system and assists with oxygen diffusion in the aquarium. It is essential the air pump is left running permanently. Safe and...
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biOrb Aquarium Ceramic Media
biOrb Ceramic Media is used to remove toxic fish waste and other harmful substances from your aquarium tank water,  leaving it clear and hygienic for healthy plant and fish growth. Once established biOrb Ceramic Media is full of holes for...
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biOrb Aquarium Transformer
The biOrb Transformer has been designed to allow both Reef One Lights and the Reef one Airpump to be plugged into the same time saving socket space. The transformer is a highly reliable piece of equipment which rarely needs replacing. ...
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biOrb Green Water Clarifier
Used to get green water problems under control. biOrb cartridge can be used in place of the normal filter cartridge TEMPORARILY. Along with the sachets of treatment supplied it will remove the algae which causes green water. Follow the simple...
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biOrb Service Kit
Designed to make looking after your biOrb as simple as possible, the biOrb service kit comes with everything you need to keep your biOrb clean: New filter cartridge Cleaning pad to wipe off any algae or dirt from the sides...
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Marina Air Pump 50, 75, 100 ,200 ,300
These smart air pumps from Marina replace their previous Elite range. These newer models have an improved sound reduction, and a higher performance output, so whether you are upgrading an old model or simply looking for a new air pump,...
from £11.99
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Fluval Value Media Pack (104/05/06/07 204/05/06/07) or (304/05/06/07 404/05/06/07)
A great value pack of replacement media for your Fluval external filter. This pack contains essential media to improve aquatic conditions and fish health. Fluval Value Media Pack for 104/05/06/07  204/05/06/07 Contains 3 x Water Polishing Pads, 3 x 100g...
from £21.59
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Fluval Mini Foam Insert (2pcs)
Mechanical foam media ideal for Fluval Mini Filter. Mechanical filter media Designed for use with Fluval Mini Filter and Fluval 1 PLUS Filter Ridged foam maximises surface area for growth of beneficial bacterial Convenient 2-pack format
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Fluval Polymax Cartridge U2,3,4 (2pack)
Chemical filter media Produces crystal clear water, reduces odor, and creates ideal conditions for fish and plants Helps reduce overall aquarium maintenance Suitable for freshwater, saltwater or reptile environments Convenient 2-pack format Fluval U2 filter, the U2 Poly-Max Cartridge helps...
from £6.29
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Fluval FX4/5/6 Bio-Foam
Designed specifically for the Fluval FX6, FX5 and FX4 high performance canister filters, Bio-Foam+ pulls double duty as both an effective mechanical and biological media. Mechanical/Biological filter media Dense structure ideal for trapping small particles Intricate, porous network provides vast...
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Fluval BioFoam Max 106/07 206/07 306/07 406/07
Fluval’s unique vertical pre-filter orientation provides more surface area and better mechanical filtration. Media is housed within an independent, re-loadable cartridge for quick and convenient access. The new Fluval Bio-Foam Max features: Rippled surface pattern offers up to 30% more...
from £6.99
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Fluval Biomax 110g U2,3,4
Specifically designed for the Fluval U2/U3/U4 filters, BIOMAX provides an optimal environment for the colonization and growth of beneficial bacteria. Biological filter media Complex pore system provides large surface area for beneficial bacteria Reduces and controls ammonia and nitrate Suitable...
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Fluval Biomax 500g or 1100g for External Filters
Fluval BIOMAX bio rings have a complex pore system where beneficial bacteria can thrive. They have more capacity than most biological media, which ensures optimal contact time for greater efficiency. BIOMAX also reduces and controls ammonia and nitrite. Biological filter...
from £11.89
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Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge U1,2,3,4
The Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge is packed with special high performance resins, proven to reduce phosphate and nitrate for a cleaner, clearer aquarium and healthier fish. Suitable for all U-Series internal (underwater) filters. Helps keep water beautifully clear Extends...
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Fluval Clearmax Phosphate Remover 3 x 100g
Fluval Clearmax is a science grade resin designed to adsorb phosphate, nitrite and nitrate. Removal of these compounds result in crystal clear water and reduces the maintenance of your aquarium. Chemical filter media Traps phosphate, nitrite and nitrate Creates crystal...
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