AquaForte Garden Sniper Pond Protection
AquaForte Garden Sniper is a effective protection against various animals in and around your garden pond. The Garden Sniper has a motion sensor that activates a water jet and this is enough to frighten herons, cats and other larger animals...
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Bermuda Triple White Glow Set Pond Lights
The Triple White Pond Light Set is suitable for ponds, water features and garden use. Low voltage and completely safe to use on land or underwater. The three lights automatically illuminate when the sensor detects low light. Illuminate your pond, fountain...
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Aqua Forte Garden Pond Defence Electric Fence 100M
Aqua Forte Pond Defence Electric Fence 100M for koi ponds. This electric fence keeps herons, cats and other unwelcome guests at bay. Security fence with 100 metre voltage cable; quality German-made product, TÜV tested 100% safe operation, even during lightning...
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Bermuda Triple Colour Change Glow Set Pond Lights
The Pond LED Light Set by Bermuda are fully submersible pond lights, designed to illuminate your pond, fountain or garden.  The LED lights are RGB (multi-coloured) and can be tilted to suit the application. The lights are weighted and are designed to...
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Burtons Drum Socket Panel
The Drum Socket Panel allows you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect you water pumps and UV, s from the main drum controller. Product Description This unit can be added to any drum filter in the Burton range. Can...
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Oase Pond Waterfall Illumination LED Kit
LED waterfall lighting provides stylish accent lighting in the evening. Recessed warm white incandescent lights provide a charming glow. Modern plastic rails make installation easy. Also ideal as rooftop or poolside lighting. LED lighting for waterfalls and for terrace or...
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Oase Illumination Pond LED Light Add-On Sets
These sets are to be used in conjunction with the Oase PondJet Eco Fountain. The Pond-Jet illumination set is available as an extra; which includes 3 x 50w Lunaqua 10 lights, underwater transformer and 20m of cable. Illumination can be...
from £855.99
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Blagdon Pond & Garden LED Lights (5 x 1W)
Blagdon LED Lights for Gardens and Ponds (5 x 1W) 1 watt LED lights are highly versatile which can be placed around bedding, patios and in-pond. Low running cost & long lasting with LED technology. Safe and easy to install...
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Blagdon Enhance Pond & Garden LED Lights (3 x 3W)
Blagdon Enhance LED Light for Gardens and Ponds (3 x3w) Incorporating the newest LED lighting technology, these Blagdon LED lights for garden and pond use, promise low energy consumption combined with a longer life bulb. The innovative product comes with...
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Yamitsu Waterproof 3 or 4 Way Switch Box
Four Way - One of the switches is rated to 1,800 watts and the remaining three are rated up to 500 watts each. The maximum current handling for the unit overall is 3,300 watts. All four switches are individually fused. It...
from £35.99
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Kockney Koi Pond Aqua-Safe Waterproof In-Line Connector 5mm to 9mm
Whether you wish to extend or repair a cable or replace an outdoor appliance the Kockney Koi Aqua Safe Weatherproof In-Line Connector will provide a safe and reliable weatherproof cable connection. Perfect for pond side and garden electrical connections the Aqua...
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