• Everything you need to know about Ghost Koi

    In our simple guide we help you understand everything you need to know about Ghost Koi fish, including common questions we receive from our customers.
  • Ponds in Spring

    Ponds in Spring
     Spring is an unusual time in the pond calendar. The warming temperatures provide us with an opportunity to start some much-needed pond maintenance, but can also reveal potential issues which we will discuss in the body of text below: Water ClarityThe first and most obvious issue for many pond owners in spring will be green soup like water in our previously pristine ponds. This...
  • What fish can I keep together in my Aquarium?

    What fish can I keep together in my Aquarium?
    Having an aquarium in the home or workplace is a relaxing asset however it is vital you understand which fish will live well together to ensure the aquarium thrives. This can be an overwhelming decision when faced with the thousands of cold-water/tropical fish breeds to choose from. As a novice it can be easy to select fish which you like the appearance of however...
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