Marina Air Pump 50, 75, 100 ,200 ,300
These smart air pumps from Marina replace their previous Elite range. These newer models have an improved sound reduction, and a higher performance output, so whether you are upgrading an old model or simply looking for a new air pump,...
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Marina Aquarium Airline Tubing Blue, 3m, 6m
Marina Aquarium Airline Tubing Blue, 3m, 6m Marina airline tubing is safe and dependable for use with air stones, air-actuated ornaments and air-driven filters. Designed to fit all standard outlets, the tubing will remain supple and retain its shape. Size:...
from £3.99
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Marina Aquarium Algae Scrub Sponge - Medium
Marina Medium Algae Scrubber is suitable for small glass and acrylic aquariums. It has a reinforced plastic handle that makes removing algae and other deposits from your tank an easy job. It also features a unique angled cleaning head that...
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Marina Aquarium Glass Cleaner Kit
The Marina Aquarium Glass Cleaning Kit contains essential tools that enable you to clean the inside of your tank glass without getting your hands wet. It has a sponge for cleaning algae and debris, a razor blade attachment for removing...
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Marina Decorative Aquarium Gravel 2Kg (All Colours)
Marina, decorative aquarium gravel allows you to create a colourful aquascape in your aquarium. The gravel is epoxy-coated, which makes the gravel inert and prevents any adverse effects on water chemistry. Research shows that epoxy-coated gravel provides an optimum surface...
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Marina Fish Net 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, 20cm
Marina Fish Nets are indispensable and convenient tools to have around your aquarium. The nets are made of a tightly woven mesh that is ideal for skimming the surface of the aquarium. The soft, anti-snag nylon mesh is also ideally...
from £2.49
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Marina Fish Net Breeder (Fine Mesh)
Marina Fish Net Breeder provides an ideal isolation chamber for sick or weak fish. The fine mesh netting allows free flow of water to keep oxygen levels up. It can also be used as a floating safety chamber for pregnant...
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Marina Floating 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery
The Marina 2-in-1 Floating Fish Hatchery is ideal for breeding and raising fish in community aquariums. A safe floating haven for live-bearing fish and fry, it has two separate areas for expectant fish and segregated bottom compartments that safely collect...
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Marina LCD Aquarium Thermometer
With water temperature being such a critical factor for the well-being of fish, it’s important to have a good thermometer. This Marina LCD vertical mount liquid crystal thermometer provides accurate and easy to read temperatures readings in Fahrenheit and Centigrade....
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Marina Mini Aquarium Aeration Kit
Marina Mini O2 Aquarium Aeration Kit creates a stunning aeration display and improves circulation and oxygenation. 1x Marina Air Pump 1x Marina Air Stone, 6.5cm 1x Marina Airline Tubing, 1m
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