Juwel Primo Aquariums
The Primo Aquariums by Juwel provide the perfect start with a system. Experience the easiest entry into the world of aquariums with state-of-the-art components. Quality workmanship with ultra neat sealant and straight lines, made with top quality materials and perfectly...
from £129.99
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Juwel Rio Aquariums
Rio Aquariums by Juwel provide timeless design, perfected technology and meticulous workmanship. The Rio Aquarium discreetly accentuates the underwater world that you have arranged. Juwel Rio aquariums will fit perfectly into most design schemes due to its classic recangular type design....
from £239.00
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Juwel Lido Aquariums & Cabinets
The Ldio Aquarium by Juwel elegantly fits into any surrounding due to its discreet design. You will be surprised by its elegance and compatibility. Both the Juwel Lido 120 and also Juwel Lido 200 aquariums are available in either Black, White,...
from £249.00
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Juwel Trigon Aquariums
The Trigon Aquariums by Juwel turn every corner of the room into a decorative eye-catcher. Available in two sizes either a 190 litre or a 350 litre version, they are ready for freshwater fish or by simply adding a skimmer and...
from £479.00
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Juwel Vision Aquariums
The Vision Aquarium by Juwel, allows you to experience the aquarium fascination from a new perspective. A Vision accentuates the optical depth through its curved front panel and offers surprising views of your underwater world. Quality workmanship with ultra neat...
from £369.00
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