Asagi Koi For Sale

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In Japanese culture, the word ‘Asagi’ refers to a light shade of indigo. Therefore, when we see an Asagi Koi Carp, it becomes clear where the name of this variety came from. 

Asagi typically have Blue scales above the lateral line and along the back. These scales are pronounced, highlighted by the cuticle in the skin to resemble a net-like pattern known as Fukurin. The belly and gill plates of a good Asagi are normally Orange/Red (also known as Hi). The Red/Hi should not extend on to the face of the Koi which should be largely Cream/White.  

Koi Carp are the result of selective breeding of Black Amur Carp. These fish were traditionally used as a food source by the Japanese however genetic mutation would occasionally lead to colours appearing on the Carps skin. The Japanese people took great pleasure in this and eventually managed to stabilise the colours and produce the first Koi Carp around 1820. This was the Asagi and it paved the way for all of the 80+ future Koi variants.

With this in mind, Asagi is an incredibly important variety of Koi Carp, embodying the history of the hobby. If you are looking for some classical beauty in your pond, look no further than Asagi.