Pond Proline Water Blade, Waterfall 445mm
A modern and stylish alternative to the traditional waterfall. High quality Stainless Steel construction. Easily installed, simply connect a hose from your pressurised filter or pump to a stepped hose adaptor (available separately). Water fills up evenly and flows over stainless...
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Bermuda Breeze Air Pump
The Breeze Air Pumps by Bermuda are a great value air pump suitable for medium-to-large ponds. The pumps are IP rated making them suitable for external use and comes with 5 meters of rubberised cable.  The pumps are low wattage...
from £59.99
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Bermuda MultiPump
The MultiPump by Bermuda combines a pump with mechanical and biological filtration alongside a UV clarifier all inside one compact, fully submersible unit. Capable of running a fountain and small water feature in small ponds at the same time, no additional filtration...
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Bermuda Wi-Fi Controlled Filter Pump
The Wi-Fi Controlled Filter Pump by Bermuda, is a high performance, energy efficient water pump with the added benefit of Wi-Fi control (of flow rate) via an on your phone or tablet.  As temperatures drop in winter months, and filtration...
from £290.99
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Bermuda Filter Force Pond Pumps 3500, 6500, 10000, 13000
Filter Force water pumps by Bermuda are perfectly capable of handling solids, and as a result are ideal for passing dirty pond water to pond filters, or supplying large volumes of water to watercourses.  Economical in price, and capable of...
from £139.95
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Bermuda Fountain Pump
Fountain pumps by Bermuda are both compact and versatile making them capable of creating decorative water features or supplying water features and small filters.  The foam free filter casing ensures low maintenance and the longest possible time periods between cleaning. ...
from £56.95
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Bermuda Feature Water Pump
Feature pumps by Bermuda are perfect for small water features. They are simple to connect and maintain whilst being discreet and reliable. The Bermuda feature pump includes a flow adjuster to enable precise control of the desired output. This makes the...
from £31.95
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Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pump Kit
PowerJet Fountain & Waterfall Pump Kit by Laguna are a series of pumps, which allow you to create beautiful fountain displays, as well as circulate water to other pond equipment, including filtration systems. Water fountains are not only pleasing to...
from £82.49
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Laguna Max Flo Pond Pump
The Max Flo Pond Pumps by Laguna, are a series of powerful circulating pumps which are essential for moving large amounts of water to systems such as filtration systems, waterfalls, and UV sterilisers. They can circulate dirty water laden with...
from £88.49
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Evolution Aqua Varipump Pond Pump
Varipump by Evolution Aqua is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds. Output and energy consumption can be controlled at the push of a button and the six pole, three phase motor is quiet and reliable. Available in three...
from £159.95
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