Pond Pumps

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Pond pumps are an essential component of a pond setup as they provide your fish with the best quality of water to live in. By constantly moving the water, pumps provide a large amount of oxygen which is vital to support life in your pond. The natural movement of the pump also helps to decrease carbon dioxide levels, as well as avoiding stagnant and settled water. and more.

There is a misconception that plants alone can provide enough oxygen to sustain life however, this process is reversed at night when they actually take oxygen away from the pond. The amount of oxygen supplied by plants is also low in comparison to the amount that can be provided by a pump.

We offer a variety of garden pond pumps, fit for different pond sizes, needs and budgets - take a look at our selection below. If you need help deciding which fish pond pump is best for your pond, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice.