Complete Koi & Aquatics are experts in the design and creation of bespoke, functional Koi ponds
and filtration systems. We take your concepts from initial drawings right through to completion.


Complete Koi and Aquatics have over 50 years industry experience in ponds and water features. The team are experts in the design and creation of water gardens, from natural wildlife ponds to functional, low maintenance Koi ponds with exceptional filtration systems. We take your concepts from initial drawings right through to completion. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it…

We create ponds which will completely transform your ordinary garden into a beautiful, tranquil space. We have visited hundreds of customers ponds and we get great satisfaction turning a blank canvas into something sensational.


Pond building is a specialist field, and we want to create water gardens which are stunning to look at whilst complimenting the surrounding area. Digging the hole is the easy part. Our approach goes far beyond this, bringing our unique skill set, creativity, and professionalism to your garden.

We only work with exceptional brands in delivering ponds of the highest quality. From liners to pond filters, everything we use has been rigorously tested in house. By using quality products, we assure our customers their ponds will stand the test of time.


A pond will naturally bring a plethora of wildlife into your garden. Wildlife ponds are generally still bodies of water though they may have some movement in the forms of artificial streams and waterfalls. During the past century around 70% of natural ponds have been eradicated from the UK countryside. Therefore, bodies of water in your garden will play an increasingly important role for native wildlife.

Water is the elixir of life and is essential for all forms of wildlife. Wildlife ponds act as a drinking source for terrestrial animals but will also quickly be inhabited by aquatic creatures. This will eventually form an ecosystem. Pond skaters, diving beetles and other small aquatics invertebrates normally arrive within several weeks. Larger invertebrates such damselflies and dragonflies will generally arrive within the first year alongside amphibians such as frogs and newts. Beyond this time frame you may well get visitors such as waterfowl (ducks, moorhens, coots etc.) and other birds using the pond for washing, drinking, and eating.


Wildlife ponds are normally planted with exquisite aquatic flora such as water lilies, oxygenators, and semi-aquatic marginal plants. The process of planting a pond must be carefully thought out, using endemic, non-invasive species. When carried out correctly this can aid water clarity and improve the ponds ecosystem.

At Complete Koi and Aquatics, we create natural ponds which are a haven for many forms of wildlife. The process is carefully thought out and delivered with nature in mind. Our wildlife ponds do not look like drab swamps. We carefully select the surrounding hard landscape and pair this with beautiful flowering plants to create a spectacle in your garden. Our wildlife ponds really are a piece of living aquat


Many customers want water in their gardens without having a pond… Fountains and water features are often the answer.

Fountains and water features are a great addition to any garden. Relax and take in your surroundings while listening to the soothing sound of splashing water. They come in almost any size imaginable from small, preassembled water features to large bespoke fountainscapes. Best of all, they are the safest option when it comes to young children as there is no real depth of water.


Water features add a focal point to a garden, and often become a great talking point with friends and family. They are normally absent of fish; however, the water will attract wildlife such as birds, providing them with a valuable drinking source.

At Complete Koi and Aquatics, we promise our customers phenomenal end results. We undertake all aspects of your water feature build, from conceptual design to install and completion. We only use materials of the highest quality, delivering projects which our customers can be proud of.


Koi ponds are purpose-built pools designed to house Koi carp. Koi ponds are generally waterproofed with box-weld liners or fibre-glassed. Koi Carp are messy fish, so it is essential to use top quality filtration when it comes to ponds housing these magnificent fish.

The team at Complete Koi and Aquatics are experts when it comes to Koi and their requirements. We will design stunning ponds to your specification with state-of-the-art filtration. We create both classical and contemporary ponds which look sensational in any garden. We strive for happy customers with happy fish!


In terms of the build there is nothing we can’t do. We will undertake site excavation and structural work, fibre glassing, installation of glass windows, final aesthetics, plumbing and electrical. We cap all this off by installing powerful, functional, filtration systems which will produce crystal clear water all year round! More importantly we specify filtration which will create good water quality and therefore a good environment for your fish to live in. As the saying goes – “As Koi keepers, we are water keepers first, and fish keepers second”.

Keeping Koi need not be hard. We like systems which are easy to maintain and don’t eat into our valuable time.

All ponds are ecosystems; however, some naturally function better than others. Ecosystem ponds are slightly different to conventional Koi ponds. Instead of using purpose-built Koi filtration, we rely on nature to do the work for us. The end-result is a more natural looking pond, which will harbour a diverse range of life including plants, invertebrates, amphibians, and fish.


Ecosystem ponds are lined with a conventional pond liner, which is then covered with a layer of rocks and gravel. This is much more pleasing to look at than a black rubber liner. When set up in the correct manor, rocks and gravel provide great surface area to harbour many types of beneficial bacteria, which aid water quality and clarity.

Wetlands are natures filtration systems! We use aquatics plants, to remove excess nutrients (such as nitrates and phosphates) which cause algae blooms and green water. Aquatics plants also provide colour and texture while attracting a plethora of pollinating insects such as Butterflies and Bees.

At Complete Koi and Aquatics, we like to create ecosystem ponds, which look as though they have been there forever! Your garden will soon turn into an oasis for wildlife. Sit by your new pond, listening to the sounds of softy, rumbling water as it cascades down your one or many waterfalls. The sky really is the limit! It is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a busy day.


The staff members at Complete Koi & Aquatics have over 50 years combined industry experience. As a result, we are proficient when it comes to turning your Koi related dreams, into reality. Take a look at our latest project.

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