Complete Koi & Aquatics

Complete Koi & Aquatics was founded in 2019 by Koi Carp enthusiasts Charlie Ingham (Director) and Les Goodwin (Technical Director). Les & Charlie felt they could breathe fresh air into the aquatics industry with a professional, ethical approach which would largely benefit consumers. In order to achieve this, they sought investment from none other than Martin Ingham who was more than happy to help as a time-served Koi keeper.

Why Complete Koi?

At Complete Koi and aquatics, we have over 50 years industry experience. The net result is healthy, happy fish, alongside tried and tested aquatics equipment. Advice, water tests and fish health checks are completely free of charge to ensure our loyal customers have the best possible success in their hobby.

Our Philosophy

At Complete Koi & Aquatics, we believe the quality and enjoyment of fish keeping is largely linked to the enrichment of the aquatic environment. We aim to help our customers keep their ponds and aquariums in tip-top condition, ensuring the fish are being fed and looked after to a higher standard.

Our Approach

Education and experience are vital resources for pond and aquarium hobbyists. At complete Koi & Aquatics we welcome you in for a conversation with our team of in-house professionals to discuss your requirements. We ensure customers visiting our website and/or shop are provided with the best possible service and information, allowing the buyer to make sensible purchasing decisions.
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