Fluval SEA PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer (Aquariums 20-80L)
Compact yet powerful, the PS2 Protein Skimmer helps remove dissolved organic compounds and other harmful substances from your nano aquarium before they have a chance to break down into dangerous waste. Designed for saltwater aquariums between 5 and 20 gallons...
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Betta Internal Filter 150, 300, 450, 600, 800, 1300
The Betta aquarium internal filter range is perfect for small to medium sized aquariums and combines a functional design with mechanical filtration.Fully submersible, the filter is easy to maintain with easy access to the foam filter media for cleaning. Betta...
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Fluval U1,2,3,4, Underwater Filter
Fluval U Series Filters provide easy, convenient filtration, and have the capacity to independently filter aquariums up to a 240 Litre capacity. These internal, underwater filters feature a three stage filter with Biomax for superior water quality. They have flip...
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Fluval Mini Underwater Filter 45L
Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products, for over 30 years, it has earned the trust of fish-hobbyists by making innovative products that deliver many valuable benefits.Fluval has earned a global reputation for excellence in product innovation and...
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