biOrb Ambulia Grey & Green Aquarium Plant Decoration Small, Medium, Large
biOrb have designed eye-catching edition to your biOrb aquarium, ideal to fit in with any theme and design you could want. They are robust easy to clean and are suitable for all aquariums. Small - Dimensions 10cm x 3cm x...
from £8.99
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biOrb Anchor Aquarium Sculpture
The biOrb designer Samuel Baker consistently creates new and inspiring miniature wonders that virtually look like the originals from the sea. Sam Baker designs each of his ornaments by hand. biOrb, in turn always uses direct impressions of his designs...
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biOrb Aquarium Air pump 50Hz
biOrb Aquarium Air Pump is a low voltage, safe air pump provides the bubble supply that powers the filter system and assists with oxygen diffusion in the aquarium. It is essential the air pump is left running permanently. Safe and...
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biOrb Aquarium Air Stone
biOrb Aquarium Air Stone fits underneath the filter cartridge. It breaks up the flow of air into the aquarium, splitting it into a mass of fine bubble. Over time the tiny pores in the air stone can become blocked by...
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biOrb Aquarium Bubble Tube Cleaner
The biOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner allows cleaning of both the inside and outside of the Bubble Tube without the need to remove the air column.Suitable for all biOrb aquariums the Bubble Tube Cleaner allows easy, hassle free cleaning without getting wet...
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biOrb Aquarium Bubble Tube Guard
The biOrb Aquarium Bubble Tube guard is a clear cap for the top of the bubble tube that allows bubbles to escape whilst preventing fish from getting into the bubble tube. Can be used on any size bubble tube in...
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biOrb Aquarium Ceramic Media
biOrb Ceramic Media is used to remove toxic fish waste and other harmful substances from your aquarium tank water,  leaving it clear and hygienic for healthy plant and fish growth. Once established biOrb Ceramic Media is full of holes for...
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biOrb Aquarium Cleaner Pads
biOrb Cleaner Pads have been made from a material which won't scratch the acrylic. They have a soft side for gentle cleaning and a rough side for tougher algae deposits. X3 Cleaner Pads
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biOrb Aquarium Cleaner Pump
The cleaner pump works like a siphon but has a squeeze hand pump to get the water flowing and is really easy to use. Simply hold one end of the cleaner pump in the biOrb and direct it towards the...
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biOrb Aquarium Easy Plant Set Green Small, Medium, Large
The biOrb Easy Plants provide a range of plastic plants ideal for use in the biOrb Aquariums. biOrb Easy Plants are supplied in twin packs and are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. These near-natural plants are great for enriching...
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biOrb Aquarium Heater Pack
Everything you need to convert you biOrb from cold water to tropical. Includes glass heater, thermometer and heater stand. Suitable for all biOrbs up to 60L. biOrb Acrylic Heater Stand 50W mains voltage Heater Glass Termometer
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biOrb Aquarium Heater Stand
The biOrb Heater Stand enables a heater to be safely fitted to the acrylic surface of the biOrb aquarium range. The Heater Stand is designed for use with aquarium heaters less than 20cm in length.The Heater Stand is suitable for...
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biOrb Aquarium High-Gloss Polish & Cloth 100ml
Used to polish and protect your biOrb aquarium. Anti-static, repels dust & resists fingerprints. High Gloss Polish Resists fingerprints Effective at Repelling dust Non Toxic liquid solution Soft micro fibre cloth will not scratch or mark your aquarium. Designed for...
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biOrb Aquarium Light or Pump Extension Lead 1.5M
Genuine Aquarium Oase biOrb Extension Cable 1.5M. The Cable extends the overall length of your existing biOrb Light or Pump. The cable is 1.5M long and can be plugged into the end of any biOrb light unit or pump to...
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biOrb Aquarium Multi Cleaning Brush Tool Pink or Blue
Fantastic for cleaning your biOrb aquarium, the biOrb Multi Cleaning Tool has a flexible cleaning blade to remove dirt and algae from the inside of your aquarium. The silicone brush is specially designed for cleaning decor making it ideal for use...
  • Pink
  • Blue
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biOrb Aquarium One Way Valve Plus Airline
The biOrb Aquarium One Way Valve Plus Airline pack contains a replacement non return valve & 1M of airline.
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biOrb Aquarium Pebbles (All Colours)
biOrb pebbles are a great way to finish off the look of your biOrb tank. Add colour with an exciting range of marble or textured pebbles which can lay over the floor of your aquarium without obstructing the flow of...
from £22.99
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biOrb Aquarium Scratch Remover Polish Pads
Polish works into the acrylic to help remove and minimise the appearance of scratches and dullness. Suitable for all biOrb. Works on inside and outside of the aquarium. If used on the inside, rinse thoroughly before adding fish. Scratch Remover...
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biOrb Aquarium Service Kit
Designed to make looking after your biOrb as simple as possible, the biOrb service kit comes with everything you need to keep your biOrb clean: New filter cartridge Cleaning pad to wipe off any algae or dirt from the sides...
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biOrb Aquarium Transformer
The biOrb Transformer has been designed to allow both Reef One Lights and the Reef one Airpump to be plugged into the same time saving socket space. The transformer is a highly reliable piece of equipment which rarely needs replacing. ...
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biOrb Aquarium Water Level Guide & Feed Hole Plug
The biOrb water level guide helps to indicate what level the water should be in your biOrb Aquarium. It also prevents water from splashing out from the feed hole. Can be dried and used to measure out food to help...
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biOrb Aquarium Water Optimiser 100ml
biOrb Aquarium optimiser that is very easy to use, and improves filtration in your aquarium. Shake the bottle for about 10 seconds, then use immediately to keep your aquarium crystal clear.This water optimiser will help to improve filtration, remove impurities...
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biOrb Aquatic Caulerpa Green Aquarium Plant Decoration
The biOrb Green Caulerpa was inspired by a pretty algae species that occurs in the Indian Ocean. The bulbous algal fronds create a unique point of interest and look particularly attractive when combined with biOrb Sea Lilies or Ferns. These near-natural...
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biOrb Aquatic Sea Lily Decoration Blue, White, Orange, Brown
The biOrb Sea Lily is suitable for all biOrb aquariums and replicates the profile of the real-live seabed species itself. Distinguishable for its eye catching beauty, biOrbs Sea Lily is a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists, used for their dramatic...
  • Blue
  • White
  • Orange
  • Brown
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