The Best Aquarium Gifts For Christmas


The Best Aquarium Gifts For Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you may need some fishkeeping gift inspiration for your friends and family. Below we have gathered some fantastic products, to suit everyone's budget. 

Here you’ll find the best gift ideas that are sure to make the perfect presents or stocking fillers, for the aquarium hobbyist in your life. 

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Nano Aquariums

Fish tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes, but nano aquariums (60 liters or less) are all the rage right now! Perhaps the person you’re looking to buy for already owns a fish tank… there is always room for another! These bite sized aquariums comfortably fit on a desktop or piece of furniture making them ideal for both offices and homes. Likewise these miniature aquariums make ideal set-ups for beginner hobbyists. They generally come as standard with all the equipment you need to get going, and are easy to keep and maintain. Best of all the prices are FANTASTIC and the running costs are low, making them a superb Christmas present this year. 

The Fluval Flex 34L aquarium is the perfect nano aquarium in our opinion. They come with everything you need to house coldwater fish species, or alternatively add a fish tank heater and use the aquarium for tropical fish. The only thing left to do is customise this set-up with substrate, rocks, plants and ornaments to the recipients taste. As we know everyone has different visions, so why not pair this with a gift voucher which can be redeemed in-store or online. 

Test Kits

As every fishkeeping hobbyist knows, regular water testing is the key to a healthy fish tank. If you’re looking for a basic water test kit, the NT Labs mini test kit is the one for you! This handy little kit comes with tests for pH, Nitrite and Ammonia, making it ideal for beginners. NT Labs Mini Aquarium Test Kit

Alternatively if you’re looking for something more in-depth, we recommend the NT Labs multi-test Kit which tests for a range of water parameters including pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate KH and GH. These kits can contain 100s of tests in each pack and are suitable for both ponds and aquariums!


Aquascaping Tools

If the person you are buying for has an aquarium full of blooming aquatic plants, why not buy them a fresh selection of aquascaping tools? Tools can be bought as a set or individually as tweezers, scissors and gravel flatteners.

Different tools have unique purposes, and any budding aquascapers will appreciate these specialised pieces of equipment! Allow them to give their tanks the attention they deserve this Chirstmas.

CO2 System

We have a range of CO2 products which are ideal gifts for planted fish tank enthusiasts. There are several products aimed at beginners including liquid CO2 additives and entry level nano CO2 systems. For more advanced aquascapers we also have basic canister kits as well as pressurised CO2 systems. Carbon Dioxide will make those aquarium plants thrive and are a MUST for any budding aquascapers. If you are not sure which product would be suitable, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today! 


Every fish tank must be appropriately decorated! Whether it's for a younger fish-keeper or a themed tank, Complete Koi and Aquatics has something for everyone. Browse our online range of aquarium ornaments and decorations, and find something for your loved one today. 

For more natural looking aquariums, we have silk plants which look just like their living counterparts. Or why not pop into our store and check out our selection of aquarium wood and rock on offer?

Gift Vouchers

Still looking for the perfect present but don’t know where to start? Then why not get them the gift of choice. A gift voucher can be purchased online or instore and can hold any value to suit any budget. Allow your loved ones to browse our fantastic range of aquarium or pond supplies at their own leisure. 

Buyer Beware:

While we fully support spoiling your fish-keeper this Christmas, we would not recommend buying them fish, or any livestock as gifts. Not all fish get on, therefore it is vital research is done before adding them to an aquarium. Additionally if the person you’re buying for runs into any fish related issues over the Christmas period, it may be difficult to find a shop that is open and able to help. 

If you would like to treat them to some new additions to their aquarium, then it would be best to bring them with you. It is always important to thoroughly research, introduce and safeguard new and existing stock. Only they will know what would suit their aquarium best, even if that does ruin the surprise a little bit. 

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Looking for the perfect gift for someone can be challenging, but hopefully our guide gave you some inspiration. Complete Koi and Aquatics has an online shop, alongside our physical aquarium shop in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We have a fantastic selection of live fish, and fish tanks for sale at our premises for our customers to view. Additionally we stock a huge selection of accessories covering everything you could possibly need to succeed at the hobby. If you live in the North West of England, why not pay us a visit.

Alternatively if you have any questions related to anything in this guide, or fish keeping in general, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are always happy to help fellow enthusiasts with any advice related to keeping live aquarium fish! Click here to get in touch today. 

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