Superfish Hang On External Aquarium Filter 50 & 100
Hang on Filter 50 & 100  for use in tropical aquariums. The hang on application of the biological filter at the rear saves space inside the aquarium. The Hang on Filter 100 contains two cartridges.  Hang on Filter Cartridges The...
from £19.99
Superfish Aqua Siphon Set
The Superfish Aqua Siphon Set is a reliable solution for changing and cleaning your aquarium. Its water siphon is designed to quickly and efficiently remove dirt from the bottom of your tank, leaving your aquatic environment sparkling clean. Plus, its...
Superfish Snail Bait & Trap
The most practical way to eliminate annoying snails that destroy aquarium plants This trap is extremely effective and prevents the application of chemicals in the aquarium. Dimension Ø6cm
Superfish Aquarium Window Scraper Tool Replacement Blades 10pk
Replacement blades for the Superfish Window Scraper. Useful keeping these in your cabinet because you never know when you'll need them!  
Superfish Aquarium Window Scraper Tool
 The Superfish Window Scraper simplifies the difficult task of cleaning the glass of your aquarium, deftly eliminating any algae it passes over with its smooth glide.   *Spare pack of 10 replacement blades also available - sold separately  
Superfish Ceramic Fish Home Tubes Aquarium Ornament
Dimensions: (12 x 12 x 12 cm)  Designed for catfish and small fish, the ceramic tubes provide ample hiding and resting places, while their simple design blends effortlessly into any watery environment.
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