Aiptasia X Red Sea Marine Aquarium Treatment 60ml
Aiptasia X from Red Sea is a unique and successful treatment against the 'pest' anemone Aiptasia. Aiptasia is introduced via live rock and corals, and can quickly spread throughout your aquarium. Left unchecked it can destroy your coral reefs and...
Aqua One Cave Hide & Suction Cup Aquarium Ornament
Medium Cave Hide With Suction Cup In Grey From Aqua One 6 x 6 x 6cm These make excellent hides for bettas and allow them to rest, hide and build up their energy naturally. With the suction on the cup...
Betta Aquarium 1620 Filter Pad Set
Replacement filter pad set for Betta Canister filter 1620. Includes 2 x Fine White filter pads and 1 x Coarse Blue filter pad.
1.5" Evolution Aqua Straight Connector Plain Female - Threaded Male - Pressure Pipe
This straight connector features a plain female end and a threaded male end, designed to handle pressure pipe applications.
High Precision Tropic Marin Hydrometer
High Precision Tropic Marin Hydrometer Use this High Precision Tropic Marin Hydrometer by Tropic Marin to determine the salinity of your aquarium water by measuring its specific gravity. This handmade instrument is designed to float vertically in the water and has...
Aqua One Horizon 130 Aquarium & Cabinet (Grey)
The new Horizon is a stylish looking aquarium in combination with the  'Styleline' cabinet. Perfect for anywhere with the modern look DETAILS:- Black silicone joints to match the cabinet.- Edging to aquarium matches with grey profile.- Includes a Slim line...
Betta Aquarium 2000 UV Filter Pad Set
Replacement filter pad set for Betta 2000 UV Canister Filter. Includes 2 x Fine White pads and 1 x Coarse Blue pad
1.5" Tank Connector & Nut Kockney Koi
Tank Connectors provide a secure, watertight way to connect Solvent Weld Pipework through the side wall of a filter box or water tank. Kockney Koi Threaded Tank Connectors are unique in that they accept the same size pipe on either...
Pond Premium 3mm Pond Fish Food 850g
Pond Premium is the culmination of 25 years feeding high quality fish and maintaining them in top condition. We highly recommend you feed this mix to your fish. Pond Premium should be fed 2/3 times a day but only as much as...
Betta Aquarium 1620 Impeller & Shaft
This Impeller & Shaft is specifically designed for use in Betta 1620 Canister filters, providing reliable operation and performance.
1.5" Solvent Hosetail Kockney Koi
1.5" Solvent Hosetail Pipe Fitting The Kockney Koi Stepped Hosetails allow for the connection of a range of Flexible Hoses including 12, 19, 25, 32 and 38mm. Secure the hose in place using a hose clip.
Betta Aquarium 1050 Filter Pad Set
Replacement filter pad set for Betta Canister filter 1050. Includes 2 x Fine White filter pads and 1 x Coarse Blue filter pad.
Betta Aquarium 2000 Impeller & Shaft
The Betta Aquarium 2000 Impeller & Shaft is designed as a replacement part for the 2000 model of Betta Canister filters.
Betta Aquarium Ceramic Fallen Tree
This Betta Aquarium Ceramic Fallen Tree measures approximately 14cm x 4cm x 5cm.
Betta Aquarium 1050 PVC Pipe Set
This PVC pipe kit can be utilized as a replacement component for the Betta 1050 Canister Filter.
biOrb Decorative Aquarium Pebbles (Light Moss)
biOrb pebbles are a great way to finish off the look of your biOrb tank. Add colour with an exciting range of marble or textured pebbles which can lay over the floor of your aquarium without obstructing the flow of...
£16.99 £11.99
Fluval Edge 46L Aquarium Kit
The Fluval Edge aquarium series by Hagen are contemporary plug and play aquariums suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts. With newly integrated 6500 K LED lighting and several redesigned convenience features including a quick-access feeding door and touch-switch day/night illumination,...
eSHa 2000 Fungus, Finrot & Bacteria Treatment 20ml
eSHa 2000 - Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment. eSHa 2000 treats a wide range of fungal bacterial and parasitic infections helps heal wounds and protects the skin layer. Use eSHa 2000 for Fungus Dropsy bacteria skin problems gill problems fin...
Betta Aquarium 1050 UV Carbon Cartridge
Replacement carbon cartridge for Betta 1050 UV Canister Filter.
Kockney Koi Yamitsu Basic Black Box Pond Filter
The simple design of the Yamitsu Basic Black Box makes it a perfect filter for goldfish ponds up to 1,200 gallons (5,400 litres). The unit can be part buried if required as long as the outlet is above the pond...
Marina Fish Net 20cm
Marina Fish Nets are indispensable and convenient tools to have around your aquarium. The nets are made of a tightly woven mesh that is ideal for skimming the surface of the aquarium. The soft, anti-snag nylon mesh is also ideally...
Spindrifter Aerated Pond Bottom Drain 4"
The Spindrifter aerated bottom drain is known worldwide for its quality and design. This Spindrifter aerated 4 inch bottom drain completely replaces the 'Standard Bottom Drain' and provides much needed dissolved oxygen to ponds. The most noticeable feature of the...
4 - 5" Koi Carp
Buy 4 - 5" Koi Carp Online Today. We have a wide range of beautiful koi carp. We will select an assortment of healthy fish for you, at your desired quantity. 
from £100.00
Betta Aquarium 700 UV Filter Pad Set
Replacement filter pad set for Betta 700 UV Canister Filter. Includes 2 x Fine White filter pads and 1 x Coarse Blue filter pad.
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